The third order nonlinear optical characteristics of amorphous vanadium oxide thin film


We studied the nonlinear absorptive characteristics (saturation intensity threshold and effective nonlinear absorption coefficients) and nonlinear refraction in a 50-nm-thick VOx thin amorphous film prepared by pulsed DC magnetron reactive sputtering. The absorptive and refractive nonlinearities were investigated by pump–probe and Z-scan techniques. The closed-aperture Z-scan results reveal self-defocussing characteristics of the amorphous VOx thin film for both nanosecond and picosecond pulse durations. Experimental results show that a phase transition does not occur in the range of intensities used for the experiments and the investigated sample can be treated as an amorphous semiconductor structure. The open-aperture Z-scan curves with nanosecond pulses exhibit saturable absorption for all input intensities. On the other hand, the open-aperture Z-scan curves with picosecond pulses exhibit nonlinear absorption/saturable absorption for low/high input intensities, respectively. Saturation intensity thresholds were found to be 15.3 MW/cm2 for 4-ns pulse duration and 586 MW/cm2 for 65-ps pulse duration. U. Kürüm · H.G. Yaglioglu · A. Elmali ( ) Department of Engineering Physics, Faculty of Engineering, Ankara University, 06100 Ankara, Turkey e-mail: Fax: +90-312-2127343 R.M. Öksüzoğlu · H. Çınar Department of Materials Sciences and Engineering, Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, Anadolu University, 26555 Eskişehir, Turkey M. Yüksek Department of Physics, Science and Art Faculty, Kafkas University, 36100 Kars, Turkey


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