TAKCS: threshold authentication key configuration scheme for multilayer cluster in mobile ad hoc networks


Initial studies in mobile ad hoc routing has considered only the problem of providing efficient routing protocols for finding paths in very dynamic networks, without considering security. Because of this, ad hoc networks are much more vulnerable to security attacks than wired networks or infrastructure based wireless networks. Our proposed protocol incorporates an end-to-end authentication protocol that relies on a mutual trust between nodes in other clusters. The scheme strategy takes advantage of the threshold certification based end-to-end authentication protocol in large ad hoc networks. Our proposed authentication protocol uses certificates containing an asymmetric key using the threshold cryptography scheme. We present detailed security threats against multilayer cluster routing scheme. We successfully included the establishment of mutual end-to-end authentication, the prevention of node identity fabrication, and the secure distribution of provisional session keys using certification threshold key configuration by CCH (control cluster head)


5 Figures and Tables

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